Got questions? We have the answers!

1. How can I enter?

a) Online registration is open now. Click here to register.

b) At The Echo Women’s Mini Marathon Race Office, this will open in September, please check back for dates & times

2. Where is The Echo Women’s Mini Marathon Race Office located?

Details will be available in September.

3. Can I enter online?

Yes, until September 20.

After this you can still register on race day at the Registration Desk near the start line.

4. I entered online this week but I never got my number?

Race numbers will be posted out from mid-August.


5. I lost/forgot my Race Number

Please contact the race office on 086 8889909 and they will be able to help you.

6. Where do I wear my Race Number?

Please ensure to wear your race number on your front ONLY
Please use safety pins provided to affix the race number to your front – please see the Mini Marathon Facebook page for an instructional video as to how to afix your number.
Your race number contains a timing chip
Do not tamper with the timing chip – you will not receive a time
if the chip is tampered with
Most importantly, that you can be identified rapidly in the event of a medical emergency.

7. I haven′t entered and don′t have a number

If you don’t have a number, you will NOT be admitted to the start area. If you join in somewhere along the course, you will NOT be covered by the race insurance and will be taking personal liability for any mishap you may cause. After you finish you will NOT receive a finisher’s medal or goodie bag. If you are involved in a medical emergency, we will not know who you are and will not have your details.

8. Where do I go on the day?

Entrance to the start area is on the city end of Centre Park Road, Cork. Other roads in the area will be closed off and with security personnel present. There will be no access from the quay area. The race starts at 1pm sharp so please allow sufficient time to get to the race line as it will be extremely busy.

9. I intend running, is there a separate area for runners?

No, but time zones will be in place at the start area, please begin the race in the appropriate time zone for your anticipated finishing time.

10. I intend walking, but I want to get away early. Can I start at the front?

No, time zones will be in place at the start area, please begin the race in the appropriate time zone for your anticipated finishing time. We want everyone to enjoy their experience of the event.

11. What is the Route?

The start line is on Centre Park Road. The race continues east, along Centre Park Road, as far as the Marina, where it turns right and heads east towards Blackrock village. Turning right in Blackrock, at approx. half-way, the route heads back, along Blackrock Road, towards the city, and the finish area. In Ballintemple, the course turns right into Maryville, before turning left onto Monaghan Road and directly on to the finish line. The course is essentially flat, with only one real, relatively short, drag/hill, coming out of Blackrock village.

12. How long is the race?

6 kms

13. Are there water stations along the course?

The water stations are at the finish area, in Kennedy Park. For safety (trip/fall hazard) and environmental reasons, there are no water stations along the route. When you have finished your water bottle, please dispose of it in one of the bins provided, in a public litter bin, or take it home with you. Please respect the environment and the goodwill of those living along the route and in the start and finish areas.

14. Are there toilets on the course?

There will be portaloos
a) On Victoria Road, before entering the start/holding area.
b) On Mill Road, in the start/holding area.
c) In Blackrock Village, at approx.2 miles
d) In Kennedy Park, in the zone after the finishing chutes.

15. What medical backup is there?

There is a Medical Plan in place for this event. There will be several ambulance and first-aid crews along the route. There will be stationary ambulances
a) In Blackrock Village (manned by The order of Malta)
b) In Kennedy Park (manned by St John’s Ambulance Brigade)
A Red Cross ambulance will follow at the rear of the race.
In addition there will be two roving Civil Defence ambulances, along with a Civil Defence jeep.
There will also be several para-medics on bicycles, and a medical doctor will be in attendance at the finish area, in Kennedy Park

16. What if I see a medical emergency?

Each steward on the course has the contact details for the race medical personnel, so contact one of them. In the event of a major emergency, do not hesitate to ring 999 or 112.

17. Will there be traffic on the course?

The route will be closed to traffic, however given the large number of houses and premises opening onto the route, it will not be possible to keep all traffic off of it, but yes, it will, essentially be traffic free. The course will be opened up gradually, after the main body of walkers has passed through. Stragglers may be asked to use the footpaths.

18. What happens when I finish the race?

The event is chipped timed so you will be directed to run under the finish gantry in order to record your time, following this you will be directed into Kennedy Park.

After your details have been recorded, you will be directed into Kennedy Park by stewards where you can pick up your Medal. Water will also be available.


19. When will the results be available?

The official results will be available online in the days following the race and they will also be published in a special souvenir picture special supplement in The Echo. Date to be announced.

20. Can I bring my dog with me?

Guide dogs and Assistance Dogs are allowed. All other dogs are prohibited for safety and insurance reasons.

21. Can I bring a buggy or stroller?

No. Buggies or strollers may not be used on the course, for safety reasons